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Our Science & The Elements

Helper uses artificial intelligence to establish representations of all positive matches and create a Nebula - going far beyond keyword matching to determine a candidate's relevance for different roles.
From within the Nebula we further assess each job seeker on key metrics to producer a Helper Score for each candidate. The Helper Score is a measure of the applicant’s fit for each position.
Taking it a step further, our recommendation engine learns from users’ behavior, to suggest jobs with improved relevance to their preferences. This streamlines the job hunt, to give you a great experience.
Skill Matching
Time-to-Hire Reduced
Market Relevance
More than a Marketplace


No more applying to jobs you won’t hear back from. It’s time to target your job search and take your career to the next level. Our Career Nebula technology and recommendation engine match you with jobs relevant to your preferences and experience.

Want to increase your salary? Move into a new role? Find a job in a new city? Our goal setting platform gives you customized, data backed and actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Apply Intelligently

Apply in one click to job listings personally curated for you, based on your experience and preferences.

Have Transparency

Know who is interested, where you are at in the hiring process, if you are being considered.

Get Actionable Insights

Achieve your career goals with personalised insights and suggestions based on market demand.

Helper App

It's all at your hands.

One-click to Apply

Say goodbye to cover letters. Apply to a job in one easy swipe.

Get Personality Insights

Begin a process of self discovery to unlock your potential.

Make a Video Profile

Resumes only say so much. Show the full picture with a video profile.

See Personalized Jobs

Get matched to relevant jobs that fit your preferences and experience.

Track Your Status

No sending applications into a black hole. Know exactly where you stand.

Start Goal Setting

Helper gives you personalized, actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Share and Communicate

Ask questions and communicate directly with hiring managers.

Share and Earn

Recommend jobs to your friends and get a $1000 thank you if they get hired.

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